Artist Floor Talk with Keren Dobia

A unique opportunity to step inside the mind of one of Australia’s most innovative, intricate and individual photographic artists.
 Keren will discuss the unique people and the stories behind her in progress series I AM. and the processes undertaken to create these very stylized portraits.

 I AM. is a series of illustrative environmental portraits of Australians that explores and documents the people who contribute to our vast and diverse artistic community. The images tell the artists’ creative stories and share their deep artistic passions in a conceptual and dramatic way.Walk away motivated and inspired to give your photographic ideas ago.


Live Shoot Workshop with Keren Dobia

Join Keren Dobia on a live shoot where she will share her thought process and demonstrate how she creates, styles and lights her stylised environmental portraits, with an emphasis on in camera craft. Keren’s techniques and approaches can easily be translated into your own workflow, whether you shoot on location or in a studio.The afternoon spent with Keren will be informative, enjoyable and stimulating and will be sure to grow your own creative experience.

What you can expect to take away from the day:

  • New Energy and enthusiasm for your craft
  • Ability to conceptualise an style your own shoots
  • Appreciation of the importance and power of shooting in-camera
  • Learn how to create a set on a budget
  • Tips on how to engage and relax your subject
  • Enhanced lighting skills
  • How to get creative with light shapers to create mood and drama

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